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Creating Change is committed to creating a positive environment for the LGBTQ community and our allies. We want everyone here to learn a lot, meet fabulous new people from all over the country, and feel good about talking and connecting with each other as we build a stronger movement.

To that end, we want to remind everyone of guiding principles that are essential to maintaining respectful and positive space for each other.

There are two fundamental principles to the Creating Change Conference: human rights and solidarity. Sexual harassment and other forms of violence strike at the heart of both. Harassment, violence and bigotry create feelings of fear, uneasiness, humiliation and discomfort. They are expressions of perceived power and superiority by the harasser over another person. Sometimes, even when our actions are not intentionally hurtful, what we say and do can hurt others or make them feel uncomfortable.

Sexual harassment is a form of sexual violence. Sexual harassment and sexual violence is any unwanted attention of a sexual nature, including:

  • Remarks about appearance or personal life
  • Unwanted flirtations or advances
  • Offensive written or visual depictions like graffiti or degrading pictures
  • Touching someone without their permission (groping, grabbing, hugging, petting, biting)
  • Unwanted sexual demands, pressure, propositions, or requests for sexual activities
  • Graphic comments about an individual’s body or dress
  • Verbal abuse, including sexual insults and name calling
  • Rewards for granting sexual favors or the withholding of rewards for refusing to grant sexual favors
  • Sexual assault, rape, and sexual violence

Many Creating Change attendees create and build social and sexual relationships while at the Conference. We want to remind you that, if you are thinking about hooking up, consent is essential. Please be sure that all involved have similar expectations. And please play safe!

Creating Change is proud to host a beautiful and diverse LGBTQ and allied community where vibrant diversity in sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression is welcome. It is all our responsibility to ensure that each member of our LGBTQ and ally family feels welcome and affirmed.

Thank you for your help in ensuring that Creating Change is an environment where all participants feel safe, comfortable and celebrated as members of the Creating Change family. If you experience sexual harassment or violence or feel threatened, please ask to speak with the Conference Director who can be contacted in the Registration area on the Lobby Level.

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