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The National LGBTQ Task Force proudly presents a robust program of 18 Day Long Institutes at Creating Change 2019. All Institute presentations are 9 am – 6 pm on both Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday, January 23

Racial Justice Institute

You are invited to bring your whole courage, creativity, and tenderness to a daylong institute on Wednesday January 23rd at Creating Change 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. The pre-conference Racial Justice Institute is more than a 30 year tradition in evolution, more than an annual chance at community building, skill building, and personal change. Racial Justice Institute 2019 is an opportunity to gather in Detroit with 1000+ of the brightest souls across the US to ask ourselves what we are hearing and experiencing on the ground, and how we will forge the future our peoples deserve. How will LGBTQ* people organize and transform to win racial justice? Through games, storytelling, personal reflection, and participatory learning, we’ll explore and strategize. As we deepen our relationships and build towards collective liberation, beginners will find their wings and longtime racial justice organizers will find new pathways to deepen their practice.

This year’s Creating Change Racial Justice Institute will be hosted by AORTA (Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance). AORTA is a worker-owned cooperative of educators devoted to strengthening movements for social justice and a solidarity economy. AORTA is a queer, multiracial, and feminist organization devoted to working for social justice. They work as consultants and trainers to expand the capacity of cooperative, collective, and community-based projects through facilitation, training, strategic planning, coaching, and conflict mediation. They base their work on an intersectional approach to liberation because we believe that true change requires uprooting all systems of oppression. They base their work in the belief that racial, economic, and gender justice is both possible and necessary to create lasting, positive change.

Thursday, January 24

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The Allyship Institute

This Institute is focused on ways to engage in allyship with LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as being accomplices to interrupting and dismantling systems of oppression. This will be brave space for all those interested in gaining knowledge about the relationship between sex, gender, orientation, and identity, both for Creating Change attendees who are newer to social justice/equity work within LGBTQIA+ communities or those who simply want more knowledge, resources, and skills in these areas.

The Black Agenda: Advancing Programs & Policies to Ensure the Health & Wellness of the Entire Black Community

The 2019 Black Institute will equip attendees with the language, tools and support needed to advocate for policy (and practice) changes that are designed to improve the lives of Black LGBTQ/SGL people. NBJC will focus on best practices for deconstructing the language, policies and practices that have been used to preserve anti-Blackness and neglect the intersectional needs of Black LGBTQ/SGL individuals, families and communities.

Breaking Bi: Challenging Binary Thought and Identity

As we reflect on chaotic current events at the local, domestic, and international levels, the Bi+ (plus) community is often placed on the defensive and forced to survive- but how do we move beyond surviving to thriving when our multiple identities pull us in different directions?

In this year’s Bi+ (plus) Institute, we will discuss what it means to be the largest group within the LGBTQIA community and how our Bi+ (plus) identities tie directly to the oppression and liberation of Black, trans, undocumented/immigrant, indigenous, disabled, poor, etc. communities with new tailored breakout programming.

Bringing Us Together: Creating LGBT Community Cohesion Across Generations

The benefits of cross-generational programming are immense, but how do we get people from diverse backgrounds, with vastly different motivations, involved and active? With an aim to create empathy and understanding between LGBT people of all ages, we’ll delve into the challenges and rewards of breaking down the barriers between ages.

Change Makers: Young Adult Leader Institute

Vision change. Dig deep. Take action. Young adult leaders from across the country will learn valuable strategies for empowering their voices and being advocates for social justice. This Day Long institute explores the skills and resources necessary for successful leadership, coalition building and tackling issues within your college campus or local community.

Changing the System: Organizing Strategies and Skills

At a time when attacks against Black and Brown people, LGBTQ people, people of minority faiths, people living in poverty, immigrants, and other marginalized people are coming daily from the White House, legislatures, and the courts, it’s more important than ever that we use our limited resources strategically to create change. This new Institute features members of the National LGBTQ Task Force’s Advocacy and Action department, who will share strategies that impact regulatory policy, legislation, and the courts using whatever combination of resources you or your organization has available.

Crisis and Resilience: Strategies for International LGBTQ Solidarity

The global export of homophobia, sexism and transphobia from the US religious and political right places LGBTQ people, their families and allies around the world in harm’s way. The historic and current waves of neo-colonialism, white supremacy and Christian exceptionalism result in challenges to human dignity and equal rights for LGBTQ people and their families, threats to women’s reproductive rights and health, and barriers to HIV-AIDS prevention and care.

Desire Mapping Institute

The Erotic is Power! Sex isn’t ‘beside the point’ in our activism, it is the bedrock of our authentic selves, and a critical source of strength that our enemies would have us betray and deny. Desire Mapping is a dynamic tool for sexual liberation that hinges on the idea that until we can claim our authentic desire — we cannot seek justice and re-make the world in the radical, generative ways that we must.

Digital Strategy Institute

Join us to receive information about the latest digital tools and online advocacy strategies you can incorporate into your work. Discover social media tools that meet your budget and learn how to stay on top of the latest new media trends.

Executive Director/CEO Institute: Building a Stronger Movement by Being the Best Leaders We Can Be

It’s not easy to be the leader of a progressive/LGBTQ nonprofit organization. But it is especially challenging given current efforts in Washington and around the country to reverse many of our gains and do harm to issues we care about. In times like these, our communities need progressive nonprofits more than ever. So it’s especially important to ensure both that our organizations are well run and that good leaders stay in their jobs. Surviving and thriving as an E.D./CEO require us to become adept at nourishing ourselves so we can continue our vital work on behalf of others. This year’s Institute will address this topic and more. Included will be interactive small and large group sessions of relevance to nonprofit E.D.s/CEOs in today’s environment. The first half of the day will feature a discussion of effective tactics for self-care as well as thinking and planning strategically to advance our organizations’ missions (presented by special guest Paul Hawkins of Working Diversity, Inc.). After a networking lunch (lunch provided), the afternoon will include small group breakouts by such factors as budget size and tenure as well as for women E.D.s, transgender E.D.s and people of color E.D.s. The final session with be large group skills building/coaching. Come prepared with questions you’d like help on and to share your own thoughts and experiences. This session is specifically for nonprofit Executive Directors/CEOs only.

Fueling Your Mission: Strategies and Tools to Boost Your Fundraising, Presented by the LGBT Giving Project

This political climate is challenging; it can also be a boon for fundraising. Learn data-driven tips, actionable guidance, and best practices that can help you increase giving from LGBTQ supporters and build a more inclusive and intersectional approach to fundraising. Based on findings and recommendations from the LGBT Giving Project, a multi-year collaborative research and capacity-building effort, this workshop will illuminate the motivations and priorities of LGBTQ givers – particularly since the 2016 election. Through this in-depth professional development workshop, fundraising leaders will gain access to tools and resources that they can immediately put into practice to bolster fundraising. This workshop is appropriate for organizations of all sizes. The content is designed for leaders with responsibility for fundraising, particularly directors of development; other staff and board members are welcome as well.

Offensive Faith: Queering the Playbook for Religious Resistance

Progressive people of faith are the moral majority in this country. But this large voting block is not well-organized. The Faith Institute will provide skills training to build a strong, progressive religious resistance that can reshape the moral narrative and force real policy change at the state and federal levels.

Pathways to Leadership Development in Latinx and African-American Communities Impacted by HIV

AIDS United has a rich history of implementation of two signature grant-making initiatives, People Organizing Positively (POP) and the Southern HIV Impact Fund. Both have ample case studies, highlights, and lessons learned on meaningful focused leadership development of gay/same gender loving men, other men who have sex with men (MSM), queer, and transgender people of color who are all living with HIV and working with communities affected by HIV. This day-long institute will provide an overview of strategies for leadership development among youth and emerging leaders in the HIV advocacy movement. Participants will learn about the history of meaningful involvement of people living with HIV, methods of knowledge exchange from mentors in the movement, and examples of meaningful leadership development of Queer and Trans Latinx and African American PLHIV. Participants interested in leadership development will benefit from on-hand expertise of PLHIV from these communities have been actively and meaningfully involved in their leadership development. There will be an interactive session where participants will be able to begin to identify their leadership and skill development needs.

Queer & Trans API Institute

We will lift up the voices of Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern and Pacific Islander queer communities in the U.S. and the intersectional social justice movements that engage us. This Institute is intended only for Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, and Pacific Islander attendees.

Resisting Police Violence

The Resisting Police Violence Institute provides participants with both the historical context of police violence on the LGBTQ+ community, and concrete skills to combat the criminalization of the LGBTQ+ community. The session will provide participants with an introduction into the history of LGBTQ+ criminalization, centering the experiences of LGBTQ+ people of color, and highlight adaptable community-led responses and models use to resist police violence that are being implemented across the country.

Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Day Long Institute

This institute will be a space to convene people who identify as TGNC to educate and mobilize people on issues impacting their lives. Join us to build with each other, and learn skills to take back to your local communities to ensure greater TGNC leadership on topics like public accommodations, healthcare access, immigration, policing and racial justice.

Unión Equals Fuerza: Latinx Institute

Join us for Unión=Fuerza Latinx Institute, the only annual national gathering of Latinx LGBTQ people, allies, and organizations working toward our collective liberation in the U.S. and the advancement of LGBTQ Latinx power and activism. This bilingual one-day event is part training, part strategy session, part network building, and part PARTY!

What Are We To Do: White People Resisting White Supremacy

This institute is to support white people to deepen our commitment to racial justice by increasing our capacity for discomfort and courage. We will explore the meaning of leadership in these politically oppressive times and come to terms with our complicity with white supremacy, as well as our unique power to make different choices.

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