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You and Your Badge

We are so happy that you are part of our family at Creating Change 2020! We ask you to visibly display your registration name badge when attending plenary sessions, workshops and caucuses, receptions and evening events; your badge is your “ticket.” Wearing your badge is a friendly thing to do because it makes it easier for folks to call you by name. As well, the wellbeing of all of us is a top priority: your name badge means you are part of our Creating Change family. Given this highly polarized political moment, we may experience increased numbers of right-wing agitators attending or trying to attend Creating Change with less than constructive intentions. They aren’t welcome here, but you are! Please wear your badge. Creating Change registrants without badges will be asked to retrieve them; or to purchase a new badge at Registration for an administrative fee of $5. Save yourself the inconvenience. Wear your badge. Thanks!

Protest Policy

The National LGBTQ Task Force encourages political expression as an essential principle in our LGBTQ movement for freedom, justice and equality. We welcome debate and dialogue as key elements of the Creating Change Conference, including nonviolent protest. The Task Force discourages the disruption of conference sessions, plenary sessions, meetings or exhibits that result in attendees not being able to fully participate in learning and educational opportunities available at Creating Change. We ask that this core principle of free exchange of ideas be respected as essential to the mission and spirit of the Creating Change Conference.

For those who will be organizing protests within the Sheraton Dallas during the Creating Change Conference, we ask you to inform the Conference Director ( or 617.407.4779) and designate a contact person for your protest.

Please abide by these guidelines and this information:

  • Protests within the hotel must be nonviolent “moving protests,” that is proceeding in a walking formation to avoid violations of Fire Code regulations regarding impeding the movements of others through the hotel and blocking doorways to meeting rooms;
  • Hotels are not public spaces. The Sheraton Dallas can report any protest to local law enforcement at their discretion.
  • Protest organizers limit their action to one per day.
  • Violations of this policy may result in being asked to leave the Creating Change Conference in Dallas, TX, and risks participation in future conferences.

The National LGBTQ Task Force reserves the right to determine whether a demonstration is disruptive and/or detrimental to the conference programs at Creating Change. We seek to provide avenues for political expression while also balancing this with the needs of attendees, presenters, and exhibitors.

No Guns at Creating Change 2020!

The National LGBTQ Task Force joins with the millions of people working to end gun violence. We ask, in the interest of everyone’s comfort and wellbeing, that no guns be brought into our conference spaces, sessions, and gatherings. We do not want guns or other deadly/dangerous weapons at Creating Change! If any attendee is observed carrying a gun while participating in the Creating Change Conference, you will be asked to remove it from the premises. Thank you!

We Love Your Feedback

Our annual Creating Change Conference offers a rich and rigorous program of workshops, trainings, caucuses and networking sessions, meetings and social and spiritual gatherings.

This year, our program includes 19 Day Long Institutes on Wednesday and Thursday, 8 sessions by Task Force Presents, and over 300 workshop sessions and caucuses/networking sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Whew! Online evaluations or paper evaluation forms for each of these sessions are available to you. Please let us know what you found useful and helpful at sessions by filling out the evaluations.

Each attendee at Creating Change will receive an email from the Task Force in the days following the conference inviting you to complete an evaluation of the overall conference experience. By completing this form, you will help us design and present a better and more relevant Creating Change Conference next year.

Finally, for those of you who prefer to participate in a face-to-face conversation, the Conference Director and Creating Change staff conduct a Feedback Session on Sunday following the closing plenary in the ballroom.


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