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So exactly what is Creating Change?
The National LGBTQ Task Force sponsors and organizes the Creating Change. 2018 marks the 30th gathering of this unique national conference and learning community. The Creating Change Conference is the pre-eminent political, leadership and skills-building conference for the LGBTQ social justice movement. Since 1988, Creating Change has created opportunities for many thousands of committed people to develop and hone their skills, celebrate victories, build community, and to be inspired by visionaries of our LGBTQ movement and allied movements for justice and equality.

What’s the goal of the Conference?
The primary goal of the Creating Change Conference is to build our movement’s political power from the ground up to secure our overarching goal of full freedom, justice, and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people in the United States.

At the 30th Creating Change, we will celebrate decades of building the grassroots political power of our people and families. Over 50,000 people have attended Creating Change to learn, grow and expand their skills and confidence to create change in their communities, their states, and this country. For each Creating Change attendee, our annual skills-building and training event is a life-changing experience.

Where is this year’s Creating Change Conference going to be held? And when?
The 30th Creating Change will be held at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, DC, January 24 – 28, 2018. At the 2018 Creating Change Conference, we will reflect on the outcomes of many pressing issues facing us: what follows after the 2016 elections; our full and expansive agenda for legal equality that is beyond marriage; our community’s resolve and action steps to end the AIDS epidemic; our community organizing efforts to create safer schools, legal protections for all and especially our trans family members; the urgent and critical needs of LGBTQ people of color; and building alliances with pro-LGBTQ allies and religious/faith organizations. We will create enduring change at the 2018 Creating Change Conference!

What happens during the Conference?
Over the five days of the Creating Change Conference, our program presents over 22 Day Long Institutes; two dozen sophisticated trainings in the Leadership Academy; a special programming segment called Practice Spirit, Do Justice for faith leaders and organizers; approximately 250 workshops and caucus sessions; four plenary sessions; worshipful gatherings; film screenings; meetings; receptions and social events, and a multitude of opportunities for attendees to meet and learn from each other.

Who goes to Creating Change?
You, we hope! Over 3500 people attended the 2017 Creating Change Conference in Philadelphia, coming from all over the United States, with a few attendees from other countries. We want you to be a part of it!

Attendees represent all sectors and demographic groups in our movement and communities: young and old activists; organizers and activists of color; paid and volunteer staff people at LGBTQ political and community organizations; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer advocates and straight allies; HIV/AIDS activists; elected officials; safer school advocates; anti-violence activists; faith community organizers; artists and cultural workers; and leaders of campus communities and local community centers. In short, Creating Change is an annual gathering of organizers and activists working to create a world in which our sexual orientations and gender expressions will be welcomed and celebrated.

Great!  When can I register?

Click here to register!  You can book a hotel room now! To book a room, click here.

So, what is the Washington, DC LGBTQ community doing to get ready for Creating Change?
Our LGBTQ family in Washington  can’t wait to host Creating Change 2018 and to welcome us all to their great community in the nation’s capital. Our DC family determinedly drives its historical and contemporary verve and dash to create a rich and expansive tapestry of groups and institutions that organize from and within every aspect of LGBTQ loving, living, and thriving.

Among the many organizations and projects that are working with us on Creating Change 2018, we note especially: GALAEI, the Latin@ Queer Social Justice organization; Delaware Valley Legacy Fund; Philadelphia Black Pride; GSAs across Pennsylvania; Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals of the Mid-Atlantic region; Philadelphia FIGHT; Mazzoni Center; Philadelphia Gay News; William Way LGBT Community Center; Attic Youth Center; John C. Anderson Apartments, housing for low-income seniors; Equality Pennsylvania; #visitgayphiladelphia; Independence Business Alliance, the LGBT Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia; Colours Organization, Inc.; Trans*-Health Information Project, a program of GALAEI a Queer Latin@ Social Justice Organization; Philadelphia Conventions and Visitors Bureau; City of Philadelphia Office of Mayor Jim Kenney.

What does it cost to attend Creating Change?

When budgeting for the Creating Change Conference, attendees should include the conference registration fee, travel costs, accommodations, and food costs.

Registration fees range from $475 to $0, depending on an attendee’s age, when one chooses to register, and whether an attendee seeks financial support to attend. Click here for conference registration, with rates and scholarship information.

Travel costs vary greatly depending on how far one must travel to/from Washington, DC and the travel option chosen. Air travel is probably most expensive, followed by Amtrak; auto or bus travel is probably least expensive.

The Marriott Wardman Park offers rooms at a conference rate of $149/night. Sharing a room is a great way to reduce the cost of a hotel stay. Also, the Creating Change Host Committee sets up a community housing program so that attendees can be housed at no charge by community members.

We suggest that attendees budget at least $65/day for food while at the conference. This will allow for three nutritious but modestly priced meals a day. There are a variety of food outlets within walking distance of the Marriott Wardman Park.


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