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Online registration closes at noon CT this Tuesday, January 14, 2020. On-site registration opens at 6:00 p.m. CT Tuesday, January 14, 2020.

Welcome to the 2020 Creating Change Conference!

The National LGBTQ Task Force’s 2020 Creating Change Conference convenes in Dallas, Texas January 15-19, 2020. We are excited to host our annual national movement gathering in the DFW. Recognized for having one of the largest LGBTQ populations in the nation and the biggest in Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth is widely noted for being home to a thriving and diverse LGBTQ community. We look forward to you joining us!

Creating Change is a space to bring our whole selves as well as our curiosity about others’ experiences and perspectives. We welcome people of diverse identities, opinions, and passions and we encourage everyone to share their own ideas and experiences and, especially, to ask questions. Our capacity to hold multiple perspectives and perhaps disagree is a valuable movement-building tool. The Task Force invites you to bring your curiosity, compassion and kindness to our conference community of activists, organizers, and advocates as we work to build the strongest possible LGBTQ and allied movement. We need each other to make progress.

Creating Change is a space that allows for expressing political differences, but we ask that this be done with respect for each other. This may be difficult at times, but our challenge is to stay open and not shut down or silence others. We choose to honor everyone’s dignity and humanity celebrating their right to be who they are – to be whole. We challenge ourselves to recognize and disrupt power dynamics that have perpetually harmed people, particularly Black and brown people, for generations. All of us are invited to challenge our assumptions about each other and our complex identities.

Creating Change brings together a diverse group of people that reaches far and wide into our communities. While embracing our full selves can be liberating, it can feel overwhelming at times and we need to make sure to take care of ourselves. The Task Force and Creating Change staff have created spaces to support you emotionally, creatively, and spiritually at the Conference. Please visit the Art Studio Space for some creative outlet and the Wellness Hub if you need to step out of the energy of the Conference. The Wellness Hub is a place where all attendees are supported in whatever self-directed practices that promote the cultivation of their wellness during the conference. The Wellness Hub Staff and Volunteers understand that social justice settings and work can be full of distress, overwhelm and may be challenging to navigate. A Spiritual Care team will also be available in the Wellness Hub. We hope you take advantage of this space and its respite.

We look forward to being with you in Dallas!

The National LGBTQ Task Force presents the country’s foremost organizing and training conference, and it’s more important now than ever. As the current administration continues its assault on our beloved LGBTQ communities. Creating Change is the space for us to learn, connect, and persist in our fight for full freedom, justice and equality for LGBTQ people.

The two rates currently available are:

Regular Rate: $550

Limited Income: $175

The cost of pre-conference Day Long Institutes are:

Racial Justice Institute (RJI): $25

Thursday Day Long Institutes (DLI): $50

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