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The National LGBTQ Task Force is excited to welcome you to Creating Change 2020. Whether 2020 is your first year or your 32nd year at Creating Change, we want to share with you some news about the upcoming conference and some tips for getting the most out of your Creating Change experience.

Trainers and Presenters – Don’t miss the important information at the end!


Creating Change attendees represent the full glory and diversity of the LGBTQ community. Remember to expect high school students, faith leaders, university staff, policy makers, organizers, non-profit workers, and more.

Please join us in welcoming one another to the Creating Change conference with warmth and respect. We want all of our community members to know you are valued and have many unique gifts to contribute to the conference space.

Things to Know!

Transportation from the Airport to the Dallas Sheraton is easy and affordable. You can catch a ride on public transit from both DFW and Love Field for $3. Lyft and other ride sharing services can get you to and from both DFW (approx. $35) and Dallas Love Field (approx. $15). Private taxis are a good bit more expensive. Other shuttle services are available.

Registration and Hotel Check In will be available in the Great Hall, on the Convention Center side of the Hotel, on the 1st floor. Look for people and signs directing you to Registration! This is also where you will find our Local Hospitality and Accessibility Table, as the Volunteer Check In Desk.

Food Options are plentiful in and around the Dallas Sheraton, you will find 3 options for food and coffee. Across the street, or over the Sky Walk, you will find a wide range of food court options in the Plaza of the Americas. During your online registration process, some of you indicated that you would like support around food access. The Creating Change Food Suite/Commissary will be open for lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday. Please remember that if you did not request meals when you registered, we are not planning to feed you.

First Timers at Creating Change

Orientation for First Timers is on Thursday, January 16th, at 7:00PM in Live Oak, Hotel 2nd Fl.

Every year, about half of our attendees are first time attendees. Which means you are not alone! There are many opportunities to network and get to know people throughout the conference. Here are a few spaces for introverts and extraverts to connect at Creating Change:

Opening Reception, Thursday 7:00PM
Welcome Dance, Thursday, 10:00PM
Opening Cruise, Thursday, 10:00PM
Gayme Nights, Friday and Saturday, 8:30PM
Caucus Spaces, Friday, 6:30PM and Saturday, 7:00 PM

A PDF full version of the Dallas 2020 Program Book can be found on this site!

For Trainers and Presenters with Public Social Media Accounts:

Our communications team would like to connect with you if you have active and public social media accounts, whether personal or professional, which you use to share content and promote content related to your session topics and subjects. They are particularly interested if you have a Facebook page, Instagram Account, and especially a Twitter handle. But please reach out regardless of whether you are on these digital platforms or others. They will follow-up with next steps and questions to best provide a signal boost to the work you’re bringing to our 2020 conference. Please reach out to them at, subject line “Trainers & Presenter Social Media Reply”

For Attendees with Public Twitter Accounts and who are Bloggers:

Our communications team would like to connect with you if you have an active and public Twitter account and experience or even interest in blogging. If the former, we want to connect with you about joining our Tweet Team for the conference. If the latter, we would like to invite you to guest blog for the Task Force, either during the conference or at some point in the year following, as it relates to your Creating Change experience and any work which follows and utilizes skills learned and connections made during the Conference.


Accessibility is very important to the Task Force and the Creating Change Conference. To ensure the highest level of accessibility, please:

  • Keep your materials to an 8th grade reading level.
  • If you are using hard copy handouts, please provide at least 50 copies/each of your materials.
    There is a FedEx Business Office on site at the Sheraton. The hours are weekdays 7:00AM to 7:00PM, Saturday 9:00-5:00PM, and Sunday is 12:00 to 5:00PM. Conference staff will not make copies for you on site.
  • Our ASL and language interpreters appreciate having training materials ahead of time. This effort supports the workshop sessions being a successful learning environment for everyone. Please submit your materials ahead of time:
    File Name: Please use the first 4 words of your workshop title to name your file.
    Here is the dropbox link:

Room set ups are standard unless you have requested a different set up. Each session room will be equipped with:

  • An easel pad and markers.
  • An LCD projector and screen.
  • If you use a Mac laptop with the LCD, please bring the connecting cable to connect to the LCD projector.
  • Evaluations will be collected through the Creating Change Conference App. In addition to being a critical tool for measuring success, evaluations help identify areas for improvement. Please plan to end your session 10 minutes early to make sure everyone who attends your session has an opportunity to complete an evaluation.
  • Time management is a consistent issue with Training, and we hope you will support the Conference and the participants by starting and ending on time.

P.S. Two Words: Heated Pool

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